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Frequent Questions

Who hire us?

  • CEO

  • CFO

  • Audit committees

  • Controllers

  • Lawyers

When do we get hired?

  • When you have any doubts or suspicions about something in your company.

In which sectors do you have experience?

  • Our experts have experience in almost all sectors. Just ask.

Are investigations expensive?

  • No, we adjust to the problem that you pose to us and we look for the most economical and efficient option to help you.

Where do they provide their services?

  • In Mexico, the United States, Canada, anywhere in the world.


Culiacán 33, Int.202 
Colonia Condesa, CDMX

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Mexican Firm with more than 30 years of experience in Legal and Litigation matters, Forensic Investigations, Compliance, Government Relations, Anti-Corruption, Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Fraud, Cybercrime, Cyberintelligence, Computer Forensics, Intelligence / Background Checks , Security, White Papers and Government Audit, Mergers and Acquisitions, Electoral Crimes and Political Marketing and Prevention of Reputational Risks.

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