Our Method

How do we solve problems?


We deliver a report on the investigated facts


We offer a catalog of solutions so that you can make the decision best aligned with your company


A deep analysis is made by our specialists using our technological resources


We collect sensitive information

Our Experts

Jorge Ricardo García Villalobos Haddad, socio fundador de LIFS

Jorge Ricardo García Villalobos Haddad


He brings to the table his many years of work experience in public and private organizations, he was Attorney General's Office of the Republic as an attaché in Los Angeles, Coordinator of advisers to the Mexican Attorney General's Office in International Affairs and the private consultancy Deloitte as responsible for the creation of the practice of forensic investigation and disputes in Mexico.

Guadalupe González Rubalcalva, socio fundado de LIFS

Guadalupe González Rubalcava

Founding partner

He has a high interest work profile as he was part of the FBI for 25 years in charge of the Los Angeles, Phoenix and Dallas criminal divisions. He also worked for Deloitte where he was director of the Forensic Investigations Area for 10 years. He has participated in multiple criminal investigations in Europe, Mexico, Latin America and Puerto Rico.

María de Lourdes Rodriguez Directora de operaciones en LIFS

Ma. de Lourdes Rodríguez

Operations Director

Jorge I. Sánchez Hinojosa, director juridico y de litigio LIFS

Jorge I. Sánchez Hinojosa

Litigation Director

Miguel Ángel Morales, Director de computo forense en LIFS

Miguel Ángel Morales

Director of Cyber Forensic and Security

Harry Garcia encargado de fraude colorativo y financiero en LIFS

Harry García

Corporate and Financial Fraud

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